Kaptain Jerry Delivery Service (The Kaptain) is here to bring an amazing deal to akokites. The Kaptain is bringing your favourite vendors right to your doorstep. You can get items delivered to you anywhere on campus and in the Akoka region. We’ve all been there. A long day of classes, feet are sore, and you just managed to climb into bed when all of a sudden, you’re hit with a craving for korede spag or Iya Moria amala. Don’t let hunger finish you. Text the Kaptain! 

Ordering food has never been easier. Here’s how to order

Step 1

Send a text on WhatsApp to 09083297447, including your order and the vendor you wish to purchase from

Step 2

Fill out the order form. Input the delivery address and other required details

Step 3

Make your payment, and voila. Your order will be delivered to you in an instant.

The Kaptain isn’t only limited to taking food orders. You can make orders to have provisions delivered from Yemyem supermarket straight to you, anywhere on campus. From korede spag, Salado, Iya Moria etc., KJDS is safe, fast and reliable. All for the low price of 200 naira. The Kaptain is also available on Sundays to make pickups and deliveries anywhere on campus.

The Kaptain is committed to delivering convenience in the form of affordable, speedy on-demand deliveries so its customers can spend time on things that truly matter. Folks living outside the university campus are not excluded. Just #TTK (Text the Kaptain), follow the steps above, and your order will be delivered in a flash.

Ordering food is just the beginning. KJDS also offers a wide range of services such as:

Delivery Services.

With KJDS, you can make state-wide deliveries anywhere in Lagos. Safety is a critical equation in the KJDS formula; therefore, customers can track items until they reach their final destination.

Rental Service

KJDS offers bike rentals. A bike will be dispatched fully fueled with an accompanying rider. The rental period runs from 9 AM to 6 PM.

The Kaptain helps its customers save time and reduce stress. It eliminates the hassle of long queues and access to vendors. For students, The Kaptain will be an invaluable asset for convenience. It allows students to have variety in meals by eliminating distance as a barrier. Most importantly, The Kaptain is affordable. At just 200 naira, the value-added is insane.

Let the Kaptain ship you a great deal. Join the #TTK parade today on 09083297447

Contact Kaptain Jerry Delivery Service

@kaptainjerryservices  on Instagram.

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