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Logistics is one of the buzzwords that are often thrown around these days. Some call it a hybrid between delivery and transportation. The logistics business has to do with procurement, distribution, inventory, maintenance of information and materials to achieve organizational goals.

It is the management of the flow of things between the point of origin and the point of consumption to meet the requirements of customers or corporations.

Many savvy Nigerians have begun tapping into this profitable wellspring. KJDS (Kaptain Jerry Delivery Service) is one such example. E-commerce has ballooned significantly with the advance of technology.

Many entrepreneurs need the services of a logistics company in one form or the other to operate their business successfully.

The effects of the pandemic further emphasized the demand for e-commerce, and consequently, independent logistics services.

According to the International Trade Administration, Nigerian e-commerce spending in 2020 reached a value of US$5 billion in 2020, an increase of 42%. This placed Nigeria as the 35th largest e-commerce market in the world.

However, the business can be delicate to manage. A lack of information, knowledge, and expertise can lead to a loss of investment if one is not adequately equipped.

This is where CONSIGN 4.0 comes in! It is absolutely the best way to get your start in the logistics business in Nigeria.


Consign 4.0 is a program designed by KJDS to equip Nigerians with the tools they need to enter, grow and thrive in the logistics market.

Kaptain Jerry Delivery Service is a Lagos-based premier logistics company that specializes in inter and intrastate logistics solutions.

KJDS has a rich of excellence and success and decided to empower individuals to meet the ever-increasing demand for services in the logistics space


When you sign up on the Consign 4.0 package, you gain access to the following;

1. A brand-new dispatch bike.

KJDS will be responsible for providing a brand new branded bike to kick start your journey so you can start earning as soon as possible. Additional features such as helmets, trackers, raincoats, etc are also available.

2. Appropriate legal documents

We will also be handling the process of acquiring the various legal documents necessary to do business with your bike.

3. Registration documents for your Logistics company.

Another perk is that KJDS will handle the registration of your company. KJDS will also obtain the accompanying documents on your behalf.

4. A highly trained rider

KJDS will eliminate the hassle of finding a competent and reliable rider for your bike. A qualified and experienced rider will be made available for your business when you sign up.

5. A branded box for deliveries

One of the key factors that allow your clients and customers to trust you is recognisability. Therefore, KJDS will be providing you will a branded box with your company name, logo, and other details.

6. A prepared rate card

A rate card is important to help you navigate and properly manage your business. The aim, after all, is for your business to be financially healthy.

7. Insider secrets, tips, and lessons

The most important component for the success of your business is knowledge. KJDS will provide you with in-depth training on the information you need to know to run your business successfully. You will learn on topics such as;

  • How to get orders from customers,
  • How to make daily, weekly and monthly profit,
  • How to prepare a rate card for your business

and much more.


With Consign 4.0, the monthly estimated return on investment is N150,000. This means the business can generate N5,000 daily after deducting all expenses. The cost for the package is just N600,000.

KJDS also offers other services and solutions. Click here to learn more.

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