One of the things successful people attribute to their success is their reading habits. CEOs, Fintech founders, CFOs, and other highly accomplished individuals acquire knowledge and business know-how from the books they consume. Despite their busy schedule, the average CE0 reads 60 books each year. Therefore, an investor must make out time daily to extract the nuggets of wisdom and knowledge that books contain. We will be looking at 10 of our favorite finance books written by Nigerian authors.

Over the years, many figures have risen and fallen in the churning sea of business and finance. Although it can be difficult to narrow down the exact formula that makes one successful in finance, certain principles have stood the test of time. The law of supply and demand, sowing and harvesting, are just examples of principles that govern the business sphere.

The principle on display today is the value of investing in knowledge. As Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

If you intend to join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs, then you must develop the habit of reading books on money and finance.


There are many great books out there, and one might find it difficult to know where to start. So, we have compiled a list of 10 books written by some of the best and brightest Nigerian authors.

1) . Dangote’s Ten Commandments on Money

Author: Peter Anosike

This book aims to demystify the methods and strategies that aided Aliko Dangote in becoming one of Africa’s premier voices in finance. The motivational nature of this book is directed at empowering young people and impacting them with an “entrepreneurial spirit.” The ten principles outlined in this book will help you learn how to grow, manage and multiply your money.


2)  Skills That Pay the Bill

Author: Emi Iyalla

The executive director of Skill works international, Emi iyalla, applies his expertise to direct readers to relevant and marketable skills. The book also informs readers of what decisions to take with existing skills and what skills to acquire to compete in today’s economy.


3) Money Won’t Make You Rich

Author: Sunday Adelaja

This book explores how biblical principles can be applied to finances. Pastor Adelaja helps readers to seize control of money to avoid being consumed in its pursuit. He teaches on the meaning of prosperity, the nature of poverty, the reasons for financial failure, the three laws that make money work for you, and much more.


4) 1000+ Practical Business Ideas and Directory of Money Sources

Author: Sunkanmi Vaughan

Sunkami Vaughan puts forward a thoroughly researched work that aids readers in realizing opportunities that exist in our various communities. This book brings to the fore the truths about chances that are often ignored and overlooked. This book is invaluable to anyone who wants to learn how to identify profitable ventures better.


5) Where is my Money?

Author: Magnus Ekwunufe

We recommend this book for its simplicity in the way it explains concepts relating to money and investing—a must-read for new and seasoned investors, featuring life lessons from titans like Cosmas Maduka.


6) Everyone Can

Author: Dipo Akinrinlade

Dipo cuts through the surface and addresses the psychological aspects of financial success. He challenges your preconceived notions about financial freedom with simple questions and examples. A must-buy for readers looking to hone their mindset.


7) Risk and Return

Author: Yomi Jemibewon

The author shares his return to Nigeria and the process, challenges, and lessons involved with starting a company. The book offers much wisdom about the possibilities that exist in investment and business.


8) The Richer Woman

Author: Omilola Oshikoya

We love this book because it is practical. It follows the author’s journey dealing with the pressure and difficulties of success. She teaches readers to create a balance between financial responsibilities and personal life. The Richer Woman makes for a good read and a better gift.


9) The School of Money

Author: Olumide Emmanuel

The school of money is another book containing principles. It gives insight into the generation and execution of business ideas. The book is a product of years of experience from Olumide Emmanuel, a leading motivational speaker, wealth creation agent, and life coach.


10) A-Z of Personal Finance

Author: Nimi Akinkugbe

As the name implies, this book is an amazing read which covers the ins and out of personal finance. She covers a wide range of must-know topics necessary for budding entrepreneurs, from proper spending to savings and personal investment.

All the wisdom in the world is meaningless without action. Taking action is what yields results. It pushes you further along your journey to success. To find out the next steps to reach your financial and investment goals, contact Catalyst Business Consult on

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