Key Ingredients To Becoming a Better You

7 September 20220


Questions of ” How do I improve on myself? What am I doing wrongly? How can I go farther into greener pastures?” These are questions of people who want to be extraordinary and thereby go in search of things that aid self-development. Although everyone is destined for greatness,  not everyone stops to think about what would make them exceptional.

We have answers to the lingering voices in your head pushing you to be spectacular. There are a couple of guidelines we have put together that will support you in this journey of personal development. Which are:

Move from your comfort zone

Simply engage in discomfort-inducing behaviour.  This can be problematic yet it can create novel experiences that would help us develop and build the life we want. So do something you struggle with; which might include the fear of public speaking, being misjudged or rejected.

Engage in a teamwork conference

You could take a collaboration class or learn about people skills through books and movies, or do both. Your people abilities will increase as a result. You will undoubtedly discover a lot about yourself, whether at work or in a private session, including your preferred methods of productivity and your interpersonal skills.


This can never be overemphasized. Stick around and meet people. You’re jittery because you’re unsure about your topic of conversation. So simply ask a question, and then follow up with inquiries regarding what the other person says. It becomes simpler the more you practice interpersonal abilities.

Challenge yourself to do new things

Self-development can be enjoyable especially if you’re competitive by nature. The goal of challenges is making modest everyday improvements that will add up to big results. We are currently taking SAT tutorials and this can be a start for you.

 Master a Deep Skill

Become a pro in one area of knowledge or expertise. On this note, we urge you to join the tech tutorials we have in place for you. Be it, UIUX/FullStack. We got you.

Expand your perspective

To give you a diversity of experiences, you can therefore learn several new things. These skills may be wholly unrelated to what you typically perform. Imagine being a UIUX designer with the knowledge of CSS, Javascript etc. It makes you distinct.

Read more

A healthy reading habit has amazing benefits. These include; better communication skills, improved focus, smart thinking etc. Join our Bookclub meetings every last Saturday of the month to help improve your reading habits.

Exercise regularly

Want to take your mind off stress and other things? Try including workouts in your routine. This is a very healthy activity for your soul, mind and body.

Get a Mentor

A skilled mentor or coach can save you years of trying to achieve your goals on your own. Many people like you have been coached and guided to success by them. Invest in a professional to structure your efforts and hold you accountable. Change your narrative by partaking in the next Catalyst Mentoring Programme.


Personal development activities boost motivation and help you achieve your goals. Furthermore, continuous professional and personal development leads to long-term success.  Contact us via the following platforms :





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