The Easiest Way to Study Abroad (SAT)


The SAT exam is the first step to achieving your academic goals because it is a means of gaining admission into foreign colleges and universities. To get into a good university, you need to take the SAT exam because this test gives you an indication of how well your skills are in comparison with other students. Another important benefit of taking the SAT is that it will help you build resources and confidence, and make your study abroad experience easier and more successful.

What is SAT? It is an acronym that stands for Scholastic Assessment Test. Furthermore, it is a prerequisite for admission into American educational institutions. Through this test, you can show abroad universities your knowledge and application abilities. It gauges your proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics (subjects covered daily in high school classes).

This is one of the most popular exams for ensuring admission to universities abroad however, each school has a maximum score of 1600. Each institution has a minimum mark that a candidate must achieve in order to be admitted to their desired university. However, The SAT score is valid for five years.


  1. Opportunity For Scholarships in US and Canadian Universities 
  2. Zero strike cases.
  3. Flexibility(ability to work and study).
  4. Certification superiority.
  5. Improved chance of studying abroad.
  6. Exceptional education.

Catalyst Tutorials would guide you through the registration procedure and provide you with a thorough preparation that would ensure you don’t get lower than 1450/1600. The SAT scores remain valid for five years. For further information, click on the link.

In conclusion, For inquiries on how to register, send a message to this number; 08165656179, 08162726997. Or visit us at 10, Balogun Square, Abule Oja, Akoka.




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