25 July 20220


Summer, a great time to relax, have fun with friends and family and also an awesome time to LEARN! Imagine not learning something different and being productive during these holidays. That doesn’t sound exciting right? That is why we have decided to do something knowledgeable and fun for the students. Instead of going for lessons that will still be taught on resumption, you can learn something new and interesting!

A Tech Bootcamp is a fantastic way to learn to code quickly if you’re a student wishing to learn the language. This program serves as an opportunity and provides answers to a lot of questions most high school students do not have answers to. Choosing a career path can be an intimidating decision, hence many high schoolers feel the pressure to find something early.

High school students can explore many career sectors and dip their toes in the water by participating in a summer program. In particular, Tech Bootcamps have drawn a lot of students’ interest because of the industry’s ongoing expansion.


A Bootcamp may be appealing to high schoolers for a variety of reasons. Some people are already interested in data science and programming. Some students may have no prior experience with coding but are nonetheless interested in it, while some want to explore different career paths.

  • A Tech Bootcamp can give students knowledge of the sector. This aids in making critical decisions regarding their future.
  • Participants gain knowledge of current technological issues and work in teams and with critical thought to discover solutions.
  • An achievement certificate from a Tech Bootcamp would strengthen their application and help them position themselves for success.
  • This Bootcamp will instruct on the precise talents that current employers are seeking.
  • Discover new talents in a short amount of time.

The benefits involved in signing up for this Tech Bootcamp are endless. Make an effort while you can by being a part of this innovative approach to solve a problem for our students in their career paths.

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You can be a part of this historic project by reaching out to family and friends that can harness this opportunity. Click this link to watch the Director’s address.




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