So, the weekend is upon us again. Some of us are planning to gatecrash our mother’s friend’s sister’s classmates’ wedding. Others will be turning up and having DJs play “Dorime” for them in the club.  The devout ones among you will be making your weekly pilgrimage to your places of worship. Others just want to sleep. Regardless of what your plans are, one thing remains common- We all have to eat.

But a sullen reality that we all face is lack of access to some of our favourite vendors on the weekend. Unilag students are all too familiar with the feeling of not having something adequate to eat on Saturdays and Sundays. This could be because your usual vendor is closed on the weekend.

Or, it could also be because you reside some distance from vendors that do open on the weekends. So, what next?

Fret not, for there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Imagine you could have your cravings satisfied. Imagine you could get amazing food delivered to your doorstep in a flash.

Imagine you didn’t have to drink Garri and leftover beans from Wednesday for breakfast because shops near you are closed.

The struggle of throwing together a Frankenstein meal on Sundays is a chore that can be avoided thanks to The Kaptain.


Kaptain Jerry Delivery Service (KJDS) is here to save you from dreary meals. Just call or contact the Kaptain on WhatsApp, make your order to an available vendor and just like that. Your order will be delivered right to your doorstep.

KJDS is not just a food delivery service but a full logistics outfit. The Kaptain and his fleet of motorcycles are on hand to handle your parcel deliveries, food and other essentials to wherever. Whether in or out of Lagos, the Kaptain is only a call away


Unilag students and residents of Akoka will be able to benefit immensely from The Kaptain’s amazing deals. For just N200, you can get food delivered directly to you from any of the numerous food vendors in and around Unilag. And, as mentioned earlier, the Kaptain is also available to serve you on Sundays.


  • Safety: With the Kaptain, you can rest easy knowing your food/package is in safe hands
  • Convenience: The Kaptain spares you the hassle of having to face Lagos traffic just to get food
  • Peace of mind: You will be able to enjoy your weekend without having to worry about your meals
  • Speed: The Kaptain’s dispatch and delivery teams are extremely efficient. They are constantly optimizing new ways to get your package delivered to your doorstep as fast as possible.’
  • Flexibility: The Kaptain can also run errands and take care of miscellaneous runs so you can focus on things that truly matter. (Like catching up with your favourite show)
  • Other services: The Kaptain also provides auxiliary logistics services to meet your needs.


  • Step 1

Send a text on WhatsApp to 09083297447, including your order and the vendor you wish to purchase from

  • Step 2

Fill out the order form. Input the delivery address and other required details

  • Step 3

Make your payment, and voila. Your order will be delivered to you in an instant.


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