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3 December 20210

Congratulations, it is worthy to say that to you after all the hurdles of O’level, JAMB and POST-UTME, you made it this far.  The Journey of a thousand mile starts with a mile as so your journey only just started. Whether its a five of four year course how you start the undergraduate journey is important.

Therefore, at Catalyst Tutorial we are poised with equipping you with the necessary tools to ensure this journey starts well. To equip you we are organising a One Month Free Tutorial.  The following 5 Reasons are why you should join our Month Free Tutorial as a Year One Student.

1. You can choose your Class time

The online platform we are using allows us to have TIMELESS access to lectures and lecture materials. Classes will hold between 5:00pm -8:00pm but if you like, you can come on the platform whenever you are less busy to have access to lecture. You won’t miss lectures even

2. No Clashing

Our students shouldn’t also have to miss any minute of their physical school classes because of tutorial classes. School lecturers sets examination questions NOT tutors. Tutors compliments lecturers and not substitute.

3. Freedom to Ask Question

Statistics has revealed that Glossophobia (fear of speaking in public) is why 34.6% of students FAIL in school. That speech anxiety or fear to raise hand, stand up and ask questions is taken away as class is online. You can snap your questions and post or just send a Voice Note (VN).

4. Tutors can be from any part of the World

We currently have some of our tutors in the United States who are there for their PhD programme. ONLINE class gives us the opportunity to still have them teach our new students from wherever they are anywhere in the world.

5. It is FREE

You have NOTHING to lose but EVERYTHING to gain. Be a part, if you don’t find it helpful after a month then stop. wherever they are anywhere in the world.

To be a part of the One Month Free Online Tutorial. These are the MUST do 

  1. Your course must all under the following faculties; College of Medicine, Sciences, Education, Engineering and Environmental Sciences in YEAR 1 
  2. Fill our online form by clicking on  Catalyst Tutorial Year One Registration Form
  3.  After Registration a message will be sent to you with a list of various Faculty combinations online Class Link. You are required to only join the link for the combination that applies to your Faculty
  4. Classes will be held Online only mostly via Telegram. You will be required to update your Telegram.

For more inquiries please do contact us via WhatsApp or Call us on 08162726997

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