Making the Most of the New Month


A new month offers the chance to start everything fresh and with enthusiasm. Brush off whatever disappointments or frustration the last month might have brought. Be optimistic about this month and achieve your goals using new strategies.


We can already feel the the fresh start of February but what can you that will make this month start off in a positive way?

First of all, assess your progress from last month. What mistakes you made that you can learn from? What things did you overlook that you shouldn’t have due to lack of genuine intention towards it or was it lack of self-discipline? Also remember to celebrate your wins, both big and small; as they are stepping stones to greater wins.

Secondly, consider what you want the upcoming month to be like. What are some of the things you hope to accomplish or achieve? Create a list of the steps that must be taken and the deadlines by which they must be accomplished.

Thirdly, be optimistic. Perform a positive action towards everything you set your mind to do. Make a move and do not procrastinate. Waiting till the moment feels right won’t ever come. It is best to take immediate action on something you are truly committed to and deliberate about.

These actions helps us as individuals and gives more clarity in working towards our goals. You can truly give yourself the best start and the concentration to make the new week or month productive  by starting with a fresh perspective and a positive outlook on life.


We have a lot of activities in store for you to be more productive and intentional this year. This is a drop-down of every activity we will be doing this month:

1. UIUX Design Class which commences on the 4th of February. This will be our 5th edition. We remain the best academy to learn this skill from as we have trained and produced a good number of top-notch product designers over the past years. Start this month with a big breakthrough by adding this skill to your portfolio.

2. SAT(Scholastic Aptitude Test) Exam and Tutorial registration is currently on for the May Diet 2023. We will definitely get you scholarships as 1,450 over 1600 is guaranteed. Materials for the exam will also be made available.

3. JAMB Tutorials are currently on. We have the best tutors for the students seeking admission. Our classrooms are conducive and fully air-conditioned. Join us now and be sure to get 290+ in your UTME.

4. Also, for those looking for investment plans. We provide smart investment deals you can broker in terms of Real Estate. Send us a message. We are always available to work with you.

Remember, you are the architect of your own life. Create a blockbuster and establish the finest start to your month. You can do it!

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