Rewarding Academic Excellence: An Essential Part of Education


First of all, Catalyst Tutorials wishes all 100 and 200-level undergraduates starting their exams officially today, a huge success. Our aim is to provide our students with a personalized learning experience tailored to meet their personal and academic needs.

We came up with a brilliant and supportive plan that concerns awakening interest in knowledge in the minds of our students. The intention is to reward excellence, so students will understand that “Education is Consequential”.

What does this mean?

We have decided to give back the money paid by the students to the TOP 5 GPAs amongst them at the end of their examination. A sum of NGN500,000 will be given to the TOP 5 STUDENTS (100,000 each). It is the duty of each student to be able to use his knowledge effectively in productive and useful ways.

Why are we doing this?

This is basically to revive the studentship that is left in them after the 8months ASUU strike. We believe that these students have been through a lot in the last 8months and we hope that this half-a-million giveaway truly REVIVES the student in each of them. This is also to spring up competition among themselves so as to do better in their academics.

How do I participate?

This is open to our students ONLY (for those that subscribed for the November/December tutorials). Once again, we wish you the best in your exams and we believe you will excel because you have learned from the BEST. Do watch this video for more clarity and follow our page to be in touch with all our updates and information.

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