“The Catalyst Bookclub’s “Africa NOW!” theme seamlessly aligns with the powerful wave of Africans who are boldly standing up and achieving remarkable feats on the continent, driving positive change. It not only celebrates but also delves deep into the core of what “Africa NOW!” represents: a call to action, a testament to resilience and an embodiment of progress.

Therefore, we draw inspiration from the stories of African activists, innovators, leaders, artists, and everyday individuals who have emerged as forces of change across the continent. And also, extend an invitation to readers to deeply engage with the stories of these exceptional Africans who have confronted adversity, questioned the established norms, and ignited movements that resonate on a global scale.

Their stories serve as a reminder that Africa isn’t a passive continent, awaiting salvation; it is a dynamic, thriving force that actively shapes its own destiny. The book club discussions, in turn, provide a platform for comprehending the diverse challenges and opportunities that Africa encounters, as well as the individuals leading the charge for change. We explore their vision, the obstacles they’ve surmounted, and the lessons they’ve learned, inspiring us all to become catalysts for progress within our own spheres of influence.

Furthermore, in the Africa NOW! discussions facilitated by the Catalyst Bookclub, we actively participate in this powerful movement of Africans who are taking a stand and achieving remarkable feats. Together, we shape a continent where hope, innovation, and progress prevail. Africa NOW! is not just a theme; it’s a declaration of action, a testament to change, and a celebration of a continent on the rise.

Endeavor to be a part of this movement! Below are pictures of the previous year’s AFRICA NOW! Bookclub meeting.


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