Are you just completing your secondary school and do not want to limit your possibilities of gaining admission to just UTME? Are you tired of writing UTME (jamb) multiple times or considering securing university admission without UTME, or probably you just finished your secondary school and do not want to sit at home while doing nothing? 

If you answered yes, then here comes the solution to the menace; with Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board JUPEB, candidates can secure 200 level admission into their preferred university via Direct Entry.

What Is JUPEB?

The Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board (JUPEB) is a national examinations body approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria in December 2013. It was established in April 2014 by a consortium of ten (10) partnering universities led by the University of Lagos.

The Board has the responsibility of conducting standard examinations for the candidates, who have been exposed to a minimum of one-year approved courses in the different Universities’ Foundation and/or Diploma Programmes and are seeking Direct Entry admissions into University courses at the 200 Level in Nigerian and partnering foreign universities.

The first of such examinations were conducted in August 2014, and successful candidates were admitted into 200 Level by JAMB based on recommendations from the universities.

JUPEB is Approved and Certified

JUPEB is approved and certified by the Federal Government as a platform for securing admission into higher institutions in the country and abroad, including universities in west Africa, east Africa, Europe, and Asia. It is certified by Nigeria University Commission (NUC) has an Advanced level examination that qualifies students into 200level via JAMB Direct entry.

JUPEB Legibility

JUPEB certificate is presently recognized and accepted in more than 70% of Nigeria’s federal, state, and private Universities. Thus, prospective candidates can check the JAMB BROCHURE to confirm JUPEB legibility. Also, the JUPEB certificate is accepted in other African, Asian, and American Universities.

JUPEB Program Eligibility

The program is open to all interested candidates nationwide, and any course can be offered, be it Science, Art, or Social Science. The federal government recently approved the establishment of this examination body of Nigeria to fill the gap created by the discontinuance of Advance Level Examinations. 


To be eligible to take examinations leading to JUPEB’s Direct Entry Certificates award, the candidate must have been exposed to an intensive scheme of academic work relevant to his/her proposed university course.

  1. Each candidate must register, sit for Examinations and satisfy the Board in three subjects relevant to the proposed course in any of the universities.
  2. Each subject is to be broken into four courses to be taken, two per semester, by the candidate. The results in all the courses are to be merged at the end of the second semester to obtain the candidate’s grade in that particular subject.
  3. Each candidate is expected to take twelve (12) courses, six per semester.
  4. The students upon completion of the program will be issued certificates based on their level of performance which bear Letter Grades of A, B, C, D, E, or F in each of the three subjects.

For admission into each university, each candidate, in addition to passing the prescribed JUPEB examinations for issuing the Direct Entry Certificates, must satisfy all other conditions as prescribed by his/her university of choice. 

Duration of Academic Programme

The duration of the Programme is a minimum of one academic session of two semesters. Starting in September and ends may, with the final exams to be written in June.

Entry Qualifications

The Basic Qualification for Enrolment is a minimum of five (5) Credit Passes at the Senior Secondary Certificate (SSCE) /General Certificate of Education (GCE) Ordinary Level in subjects relevant to the desired university program or course of study. Students with awaiting results can also enroll.


To use your JUPEB result to gain admission into 200 Level, you need to visit the JAMB website or their nearest office to obtain the D.E form (Direct Entry), fill them in correlation with your JUPEB result, by then you have the opportunity to choose a first and second choice university. Another exciting thing is, you have the opportunity of choosing your course, which will be determined by how many points you were able to obtain from the JUPEB exam from your JUPEB result.

 To calculate your accumulative points, the following standard is used:






The addition of all the points gives the total cumulative score, and it is used to know if your eligible to get your course of study based on the cutoff points by your school of choice.

 Again, JUPEB results do not expire; you can use them to gain admission even after ten years you have obtained them. Your JUPEB result is scored in points, with the maximum or highest score a student can attain being 16 points.

JUPEB Yearly Calendar

JUPEB calendar starts around April every year, and it ends by August for the registration. By September, while the registration is still going on, the lectures for the session will start, which is usually September. The lectures will run through to May the following year. From May, the revision for the session will start. JUPEB examination can start from late May to early June, and the examination lasts for two weeks. By late July or early August, the same year, the result should have been released.

How JUPEB lectures are being organized at our various JUPEB centers

In the absence of fixed lectures or excluding night classes (set classes by lecturers when the examination is coming nearer), the lectures run from Monday to Friday, and Saturdays are for Practicals for Faculty of Sciences.

Nigerian Universities Requirement For JUPEB Admission

We have informed you of the requirements you must meet before you can apply for JUPEB; we will quickly tell you each requirement you must meet to study the course of your choice in the university you wish to run your undergraduate program after being through with JUPEB. The minimum number of points you can use to gain admission is 5points from JUPEB results.

Why You Should Register With Catalyst Tutorials for JUPEB 2021

A successful JUPEB program is very rewarding. You can use it to get admission into most universities across the country, and better still, begin from 200 level. It is perfect for those who have had it rough with JAMB or would prefer to hasten their academic journey. However, it has some peculiarities that a newbie may not be aware of. So, we recommend getting an expert in getting you through the program, the exam, and your admission process.

Catalyst tutorials is a success-driven institute with more than six years of experience in securing admissions for undergraduates and direct entry candidates. We are a registered JUPEB center with enough facilities to ensure the success of our candidates. You can register for JUPEB at catalyst tutorials and have your classes using the JUPEB syllabus. At every step of the way, you can rely on our expertise to guide you and get you the results you desire.

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VERY IMPORTANT: JUPED 2021 registration closes Saturday, May 29.



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