How to Begin The Week Energized


It’s a new working week and sometimes there’s little or no energy to get ready for the week. The most struggle workers face is getting through the weekend so as to get ready to begin the week energized.

The secret to self-motivation is simply by providing yourself something to look forward to, something that would constantly push you to get up and keep moving on a regular basis. This article will guide you in steps to take in beginning your week fully energized.


1. Creating Rituals To Start Each Day In High Spirits

It is important to create time to connect with your thoughts and feelings when you wake in the morning. People’s morning rituals differ. For some, it is exercising or yoga practice, others could be reading or praying. Whatever it is that gets you pumped up for the day is what you should continuously do until it becomes a habit.

These little activities help you achieve a mindful state in the morning.

2. Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are declarations that can help you have a more optimistic outlook on the world. You can choose to recite them to yourself or write down in a journal.

It is known that positive affirmations helps form better mental health habits and fight off stress, thereby strengthening the neuronal connections in the brain.

3. Setting Up The Environment for Positive Energy

Positive energy can greatly enhance and strengthen the quality of your life, whether at home or at work. How do you then go about bringing good energy into your home?

  • Meditation
  • A clean space
  • Water
  • Air purifier
  • Plants
  • Peaceful colors e.g. blue, green, white, violet, grey.

4. Set Daily Priorities and Do Not Procrastinate

5.  Clear The Clutter

Life is a lot simpler when there is fewer things around than when there is too much. Get rid of everything that isn’t of much use in your space. Always try to put everything in order. There’s an unexplainable feeling of satisfaction when your apartment is spacious and free of unnecessary bulk of load.

Observing these tips stated above will help you avoiding the case of ” Lazy Mondays” which can sometimes cause depression or less productivity.

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