Want to invest in a real estate portfolio but do not have enough funds to do so? How about I tell you about this sweet affordable package that we have in stock for you? We are delighted to bring this opportunity to people interested in venturing into real estate. With the sum of #800,000, you can own a unit in this investment package (you can also purchase more than one unit). For better understanding, hence; this is a breakdown of information to answer most of your questions:

What is the total number of units in FHIP? 20 units.

What is the capital requirement for FHIP per unit? #800,000.

What is the total number of years for FHIP investment? 13 years.

How is the ROI remitted? #200,000 for the first year and #150,000 for 12 years per unit of space. a total of #2million!

How will the ROI be paid? Quarterly, Bi-annually & Annually

Can I buy more than a unit of the investment? Definitely!

Real estate investing, even on a small scale remains a tried and true means of building an individual’s cash flow and wealth~ Robert Kiyosaki.



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