Catalyst Wears is a Nigerian unisex luxury brand dedicated to creating trendy everyday apparel that will add a striking flair to your person. The ambitions of the CW man/woman are personified in our design language. “Collection 2.0” features bold, strong tones and suave neutral tones. The collection follows the sensibilities of the brand. To be in vogue, to stand out. Simply and elegantly.

The collection is a nod to classic streetwear. It features essentials like hoodies, t-shirts, cargo pants, joggers, and so much more. But surprises await if you look closely.

The summer drop also includes items like the Corduroy short-sleeve button-down, which shows the willingness of the brand to innovate and not copy the mould.

Comfort, flexibility and breathability are excellently on display, all at an affordable price. The use of vibrant, earthy accents beautifully contrasts the bold blues and greys.

On the whole, the collection is adventurous. It elevates street and casual wear with a touch of class. Summer is all about letting loose and having fun. Kick-off your summer in style with outfits that make looking cool effortless.

Collection 2.0 drops on the 2nd of JULY, 2021.


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