Are you;

Looking for a good manager for your properties?

Sourcing for tenants for your accommodation?

Too busy to keep up with prompt collection of rents from your tenants?

Finding the best legal way to evict a problem tenant? Keep reading, this is for you


It is no news that one of the main concerns in real estate, especially in a Nigerian/African market, is the management of such properties. With over ten years of experience in dealing with the Nigerian market and owning a Reputable brand, Catalyst Properties is concerned with handling and eradicating most of these problems for property owners and accommodation seekers. Read further on this article to know more about how we are at your service.


Who We Are. 


Catalyst Properties is a branch arm of Catalyst Business Consult as a whole. We are a goal-oriented team focused on solving the problems of Property Management. We have a substantial threshold in the ABULE-OJA axis and are responsible for the most significant infrastructural changes in the area over the past  72 months. Our services cater to the accommodation of a significant percentage of the residents of Abule Oja, which are mostly Unilag Students. With over three years of experience in actively maintaining and expanding properties in this axis, we have proffer solutions to many accommodation issues.


What Do We Do?


Source tenants for your properties


Our team eases you off the labor of looking for eligible tenants for your houses, with a comprehensive knowledge of the market, bringing you the types of clients you wish to attract. 


We will also;

  • Find suitable tenants promptly, thereby avoiding long times of vacancy and loss of income.
  • Assist with professional tenant screening to ensure you select trustworthy tenants and have access to tenancy databases. 
  • Inspect the property regularly to ensure that the tenants are maintaining it in good functioning order. 
  • Serve as mediators for the landlord and the tenant, ensuring that both parties can relate to one another effectively, removing misconceptions, and resolving conflicts.
  • Take up any calls for maintenance or complaints from the tenant that needs to be addressed. Our team can handle them for you to make your work lesser.

Rent Collection

With our extensive background knowledge, we will;

  • Assist landlords in determining the initial rent level that tenants will accept. 
  • Collect rent on behalf of the landlords. We’ll be in charge of guaranteeing smooth cash flow by establishing a definite rent collection date and carefully enforcing late penalties.
  • In any case, due to any previous considerations, we will be able to alter the rent.

Management of Property

Our team of well-experienced managers at catalyst properties will see to it that;


  • The physical condition of the property is in good working order, and routine check-ups are carried out.
  • Contractors and other repairers must have their work examined to ensure that it is done correctly and promptly. 
  • Maintenance such as landscaping, pest control, leak detection, and trash pickup are detected and carried out regularly. 
  • Property managers will hire dependable contractors, plumbers, carpenters, and electricians from our extensive network to ensure the job is well done when repairs or improvements are required.




In cases where there are unresolvable conflicts or differences between a landlord and a tenant, we make sure;


  • We go through every legal process required in evicting a tenant from a property properly. 
  • Full participation of our managers to see to the effective eviction is carried out while saving the landlord the time-consuming process. 
  • We carry out an appropriate eviction plan for the tenants and leave both parties satisfied at the end of the day to prevent heated court cases, which can be exceedingly unpleasant and frustrating.


Why Choose Us?


Some of the reasons you should choose us are;


  • We are constantly evolving and expanding, partnering with other top brands to get more properties to co-opt, develop, manage and sell off as leases.
  • Real Estate in Abule Oja comes with very profitable ROIs, and we source the best deals.
  • We have an experienced team of realtors who are readily available to guide you to make wise investment choices.
  • With Catalyst Properties’ huge influence, you are exposed to competitive demand for your lease or units, which can sell out on short notice.


With our services, you are guaranteed to have access to smooth and mouth-watering deals with little or no losses. In the words of Russel Sage, “Real Estate is an imperishable asset, ever-increasing in value,” and we have made it our mandate to give you the best out of REAL ESTATE.

Our latest Project – Project Balogun 2.0, is nearing the completion stage, and our leases are sold out. 


Are you interested in any of our services? 

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